We want to thank all our aGora users that contribute the launch of new versions and program compilations with their inestimable suggestions.

Through the release notes you will view some novelties added to the updates and new versions of the program. These novelties expand aGora constantly, providing it of improved stability, new functionalities, solved errors, etc.

aGora Release Notes

Release notes 4.63.790

  • IMPORTANT New functionality Electronic signatures for documents generated or stored in the application. Through the module aGora.SignRequest, the user will be able, from the aGora application, to send an electronic signature request to the student, customer, staff, supplier, etc. of the document generated in aGora (enrolment contract, sales contract, budget) or stored in aGora (attached documentation of the student, customer, staff, supplier ....).
    With the new document signature credit packages aGora. SignRequest you will be able to select any document generated or attached in aGora ERP (contracts, budgets, advanced management documentation...) and send a signature request to the recipients you choose among your students, customers, teachers, suppliers..., who will be able to check and sign it quickly and securely from their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. The centre and the recipients will be able to add attachments to the documents that are the object of the electronic signature. In addition, you can make certain signatory attachments mandatory to force them to upload the necessary information.
    Additionally, with SMS signature verification packages, you can add an extra layer of security to the signing of your most confidential documents. If you activate this option, a one-time password will be sent to the mobile phone of your student, client, teacher, etc. via a text message that they will have to provide before they can sign the document. In order to save time when sending regular signature requests, aGora will allow you to create request templates with the message and options appropriate to the type of request. All the documents sent and signed will register the IP address, the email, a time stamp, etc..., guaranteeing a secure audit. Signatures with aGora.SignRequest are not only secure but also legally binding thanks to the ISO 27001 certificate and compliance with the RDPG and eID.AS.
  • IMPORTANT New section Accommodations. Through this section the centre will be able to manage the accommodation with which it works, as well as the students' bookings for this accommodation. Both for foreign students who come to study in Spain and for students who are going to study abroad. This module is associated with the Products/services section of aGora. Accommodation is a type of product and when the booking of an accommodation is confirmed, a sale of this product/service is generated. Available from Gold edition.
  • IMPORTANT New On-line documentation functionality. It will allow to associate documents stored in the cloud (OneDrive™ or Google Drive™) in the advanced management of the application. In this way, the documentation associated to a student, client, teacher, group, etc. is centralised from aGora, so that it is very easy to find it and does not take up space on the hard disk of the application server. This operation will only be available from the GOLD edition.
  • NEW FEATURE Added image field in the exports to excel in case the list to be exported has an associated image. It will be exported as an image as such or as a link to an image file, depending on the user's preference.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new extra pre-filter Between due dates and series of debits, in the process of selecting the due dates of debits to be included in the direct debit file.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new user permission personnel expenses to differentiate the payroll and personnel expenses operations with respect to common expenses.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new auxiliary table (scale) for suppliers Types of suppliers.
  • NEW FEATURE Added optional link of suppliers with actions, tasks and agenda events, also being able to register actions, tasks or warnings on a specific supplier.
  • NEW FEATURE Added process of register user inputs and outputs in aGora. In this way, the system administrator will be able to determine at any time which user has logged in to which company and how long he/she has been connected.
  • NEW FEATURE Added option of Serveral bills in the Sales and Presales. Previously it was not possible to select this field when selecting an expiry plan other than Unique.
  • NEW FEATURE Added "Non-binary" gender
  • NEW FEATURE Added new automation to generate recovery rating records.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved problem of sending SMS's by Esendex© that occurred in case there was a name/alias in the Esendex© account.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved problem that occurred when making a sale of a product/service from the advanced management of the student. In the event that the student's client had more students associated with him/her, when making the sale, the first student associated with the client was automatically associated, instead of associating the current student.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed problem that occurred in the multimedia classroom generator, which occurred when you selected the Generate group option and had not previously selected a Course.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed bug that occurred when calculating the ages in the student and application forms, as it did not take into account the day of the month, making the student a year older or younger.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed bug that occurred in the pre-enrolments and pre-sales downloaded from aGora.connect and/or imported from MS Access©, as the imported student/client data were lost when the process of searching for student/client was carried out if the student/client already existed in the database. Now the information is not replaced, only the Id of the student/client is assigned and so, if you want to modify the data of the student/client with the pre-enrolment/pre-sale, you can do it.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed bug that occurred in the query Invoicing totals with payments grouped by payment methods. Instead of subtracting from the total amount, the rectifying invoices were adding up.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed bug that meant that when contracting more hours in the Contracted hours types of registration, if the group that extended the hours had VAT and/or withholding tax associated with it, this was not automatically transferred to the new registration for the extension of hours.