We want to thank all our aGora users that contribute the launch of new versions and program compilations with their inestimable suggestions.

Through the release notes you will view some novelties added to the updates and new versions of the program. These novelties expand aGora constantly, providing it of improved stability, new functionalities, solved errors, etc.

aGora Release Notes

Release notes 4.56.720

  • NEW FEATURE Added the option of creating pre-enrolments from enquiries and/or linking an existing pre-enrolment to an existing enquiry.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a button to Bills tab in the enrollment [edit] window allowing to generate the next upcoming bill.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a new "Pre-enrolment source": Access. It will be automatically assigned to the pre-enrolments imported from an Access database when using the import process in our software. Only available in GOLD edition or better, and only for imports carried out from this version on.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a new process allowing to create a copy of an existing estimate.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the possibility of linking documentation and digital files to products/services.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new queries to products/services: Total products acquired sorted by provider/product/provider and product, filtered by date.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new query to products/services: Detailed view of products' acquisitions, showing a very thorough view of every field related to products acquired, filtered by dates.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new query to products/services: Documents linked to products/services, that shows a readable and printable list of every document we've linked to a product or service.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new query: Pre-enrolments imported from Access.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new query: Pre-enrolments linked to enquiries.
  • NEW FEATURE Added customer's centre reference field to the invoice report.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new option to Visibility options in aGora's control panel: it applies to the Enrolments list window, and if active will only add the amounts of the active groups for each enrolment when calculating the total amount. Currently, it adds the amount of all the course groups, even the inactive ones.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new field to pre-enrolments, allowing to specify a surcharge for the pre-enrolment.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new task in customers' list window: this new task allows the creation of a pre-enrolment linked to the selected customer.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new item in Advanced Management windows for Students and Customers: the new item shows the Pre-enrolments linked to the current student/customer.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new fields in Pre-enrolments: Assigned sales staff member, student's father's data and student's mother's data. The new fields can be synchronized via aGora.enrollMe and imported via Access.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a new user permission setting related to pre-enrolments. The new permission setting allows access only to the pre-enrolments assigned to the sales staff member linked to the current aGora user.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new fields that can be embedded when creating a diploma template.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the possibility of adding signature of a staff member as a digital image. If added, it can be included in students reports and attendances documents.
  • NEW FEATURE Added a new category in user's permission settings: Advanced Management of Providers
  • NEW FEATURE Added a new button in Enquiry edit window: this new button is located besides the course group selector and opens a read-only window showing the course group's data.
  • NEW FEATURE Added Area of interest as a new option when creating new view folders in the Enquiries list window.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the possibility, in the Basic edition, to set a default text for the enrolment's registration conditions from the Control Panel.
  • NEW FEATURE Added programming for version updates, if the user who has started aGora does not have access permission to the item "Web Support" can not perform the download and installation.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed bug when adding a manual entry on cash or bank transactions, the hour assigned to the date field was always 08:00AM. Now it reflects the real time.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed error in code that caused the timetable control registers to fail in SQL Server-based systems.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed error when the attendance report was miscalculating the total hours of specific sessions if the related course group contained several different sessions which shared the same subject.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed error that appeared when opening the calendar view from the agenda events' list view in specific cases.
  • FIXING SOURCE The query "Contract teaching data" failed when the related student had no link to a "Family" item.
  • FIXING SOURCE Problem when sending or showing a student report from the menu item, in cases where several assessments were selected. The program mistakenly used the single-assessment version of the report template. Now corrected so it uses the right template.
  • FIXING SOURCE When migrating customers' data between different aGora databases, the process failed if the customer was a company or entreprise.
  • FIXING SOURCE When accessing the "Details of expense" window in query-only mode, the "Expense type" dropdown field showed no value, even when the expense had one assigned.
  • FIXING SOURCE When receiving emails from external accounts, the attached files were processed wrong.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed error that caused the Client ID set to 0 in enrolments created by batch processess "Batch register" and "Batch register students from a particular customer"
  • FIXING SOURCE When creating an enrolment from a pre-enrolment, it disregarded the bill series set in the pre-enrolment, and instead it always assigned the default one indicated in the Control Panel.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed error that appeared in the task of showing the enrolment linked to a pre-enrolment in the Pre-enrolments list window failed.
  • FIXING SOURCE Fixed error that appeared in the query "Customers by academic year" failed in SQL Server-based systems when the customer's visibility was set to "Current customers"
  • FIXING SOURCE The attendance report "Record in batch with timetables" failed if the selected sessions had more than a set number of timetables.
  • FIXING SOURCE When creating a customer from an enquiry, the assigned sales staff member was not copied from the enquiry to the customer.
  • FIXING SOURCE When creating a student from an enquiry, the level of studies was not copied from the enquiry to the student.
  • FIXING SOURCE When using the view folders in the enquiries to filter the shown enquiries, it did not take into account if the folders where shared or not.