We want to thank all our aGora users that contribute the launch of new versions and program compilations with their inestimable suggestions.

Through the release notes you will view some novelties added to the updates and new versions of the program. These novelties expand aGora constantly, providing it of improved stability, new functionalities, solved errors, etc.

aGora Release Notes

Release notes 4.60.760

  • IMPORTANT New module added: Online incoming payments requests. This module stablishes the possibility to generate enquiries of incoming payment requests sent by email or sms to the customers to allow them to pay online the bill, installment and/or invoice generated in aGora and transfering this payment automatically to the program.
  • NEW FEATURE New type of treatment added in the payment/charge options: Payment platforms. This new treatment type is linked to the new online incoming payment requests module.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the possibility to modify the details of the expenses description even though the expense is already paid. It doesn't allow to modify amounts.
  • NEW FEATURE New automation added which allows changing the order of the aspects to be assessed in the already generated assessment results, according to the current definition of the subject description, just in case there have been changes on them after generating the results. It can be found from Courses > Batch processes > Assessment results > Change order in the assessment results descriptions in batch.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the field Cause of cancellation to be shown in the queries: Course group details held in contracts, Details of active contracts starting between dates (using course group's dates), Details of active contracts starting between dates, Subscribed course groups by supplement, Subscribed course groups by predefined discount and Groups included in contracts by academic year.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the field Available places in the course groups list.
  • NEW FEATURE Added field students e-mail in the query Contracts ended naturally.
  • NEW FEATURE Added preselection filters in the batch processes of Batch register incoming payments of bills and Batch register received payments from bill instalments.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new field Comments in the Course Group file.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new fieldChange of state date in the enquiries. It differs with the last modification date because it only stablishes if that request modification entails its change of state.
  • NEW FEATURE New automation added to delete tasks in batch.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the possibility to synchronize tasks and actions with aGora.connect.
  • NEW FEATURE New fields added in the diplomas document. It is possible to obtain dates in a large format.
  • NEW FEATURE Added, in the SQL SERVER editions, the field observations in the list windows of: providers, students, customers and members of staff.
  • NEW FEATURE New automation added to allow changing the state of the MailChimp records from PENDING to VALIDATED. For some unknown reason, some of the new records in MailChimp are asigned the PENDING state, according to aGora, this record exists in MailChimp, but it doesn't appear in the list and it cannot be used to send campaigns. There for sure must be some kind of acceptance by the final user to confirm/accept the reception of communications. That is why now, a process is performed to obtail all this records and, if the aGora user confirms it, changes their state into VALIDATED, always under the aGora user's responsability by confirming the process.
  • NEW FEATURE Added the CUSTOMER field in the list of Customer's contact person and Contacts by customer type queries.
  • NEW FEATURE Added ZONE row in the customer list.
  • NEW FEATURE New option added in the processes "Assessment results list" and "Assessment results in parts list" to show all the assessment results according to the selected options or showing only those passed or failed. To obtain passed or failed, only those with a linked assessment result or final result will be checked, in the case of the results in parts, with the parameter "Assessment results".
  • NEW FEATURE New option added from the list of requests in the "Agenda" context menu. Possibility to open the agenda, and not only list the agenda events of the sales representative. This way the agenda will be displayed and you will be able to add a new agenda event in an easier way, automatically associating it to the selected request.
  • NEW FEATURE Added option in the Document management section of the advanced management windows. Now you can add instead of the physical document, a link to a URL of a document saved in the cloud (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive...).
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug in the Pending invoices query when filtering by direct debit payment or non direct debit payment.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when editing a course group and double clicking to open de edition of a group session. It only happened when double clicking and not by opening it from the pencil button.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug in the Advanced management window of the staff member or teacher. If the secondary email field was modified and the member of staff or teacher was synchronized with aGora.connect, the secondary email account was replaced by the main one.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved a development error in the daily attendance reports with timetable, where the field strCliente had not being added as so it was in the rest of the attendance reports with timetable. It has been added in this compilation.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when creating a new action from the member of staff file. Before, it created a new enquiry from scratch.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when creating automated bills, which bill description was bigger than 255 characters, by having the panel control options of adding timetables and configuration dates activated.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when creating a group, this appeared as temporary until it was accessed and closed saving data.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when deleting an assessment result type that was linked to a subject: the linked subject, session, timetables and attendances were also deleted.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when creating a new contract from an enquiry or when creating a new student and/or customer file from there. The program was suddenly clossed.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when generating accounting information if the option "Stablish cancellation date for the accounting entries deletion". In case the bill/invoice had already generated its accounting data, the user accessed to modify the bill/invoice date and wrote a future date, the program wasn't taking into account that new future date and generated the accounting entry of the deletion in the modification date and then generated a positive entry for the same date in which it was modified, not taking into account the future date.
  • FIXING SOURCE The dropdown list button in the "Incoming payments by customer" query failed in the SQL Server databases. Solved.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when selecting the query "Students by payment periodicity" when combined with the visibility option "Valid registration contracts".
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when creating a new expense or staff expense, if the last expense of the list had selected linked documents, the new expense appeared automatically linked to the same documents. It was only a visual error, it wasn't actually linked.