We want to thank all our aGora users that contribute the launch of new versions and program compilations with their inestimable suggestions.

Through the release notes you will view some novelties added to the updates and new versions of the program. These novelties expand aGora constantly, providing it of improved stability, new functionalities, solved errors, etc.

aGora Release Notes

Release notes 4.39.530

  • NEW FEATURE New automation of "Copy staff expenses" to be able to create new staff expenses from ancient ones.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: "Customers by product/service". Shows customers to whom a selected product/service has been sold or loaned.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: "Details of aspects to be assessed in subjects". Shows a list window of the aspects to be assessed of each subject.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: "Details of assessed aspects". Shows a list window of the assessments related to each concept of an student score.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: "Attendances with delay". Allows listing attendances with delays and between dates.
  • NEW FEATURE New feature of the "Visibility" tab option within the advanced management windows' items. A new option in the Control Pannel, which indicates not considering the view menu options selected within the advanced management window items, has been added.
  • NEW FEATURE New automation of "Expenses copy" to allow creating new generic expenses from ancient ones.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: "Completions and temporary deactivations of contracts by salesperson". Shows the contract terminations of a selected salesperson.
  • NEW FEATURE New feature to allow returning a sold product from a product which controls stock window, without having to delete linked bills and sale lines.
  • NEW FEATURE New statistic: "Contracts by salesperson progression".
  • NEW FEATURE New statistic: "Contracts by contract type progression".
  • NEW FEATURE New statistic: "Contracts by group type progression".
  • NEW FEATURE New statistic: "Contracts by series progression".
  • NEW FEATURE New statistic: "Bills by payment option".
  • NEW FEATURE Items "Assessment results" and "Results in parts" added from the group and course advanced managements.
  • FIXING SOURCE Error while selecting from the "Visibility" tab the option "Unpaid bills", if the bill list window hadn't been opened before.
  • FIXING SOURCE Using W8 and W2012 Server as operating systemss, it was not possible to stablish colors in the "Types of event" parameter.
  • FIXING SOURCE Error in the "Course group details held in contracts" query if the visibility option "All" in the contract was selected.
  • FIXING SOURCE In a very specific case, the amount in cash is out of balance. Solved for all cases.
  • FIXING SOURCE Adding contracts, with the payment option "Payment in one or more instalments" selected, and with an instalment plan of some instalments, it appeared the option of selecting "Some bills" and if later, the payment option changes into, for example, "Contracted hours" or "Regular payment", this option continued being wrongly visible and selectable. That fact produced the generation in the "Contracted hours" payment option, of some bills changing the amount per hour in the generated bills description item. Now, it is not allowed to select that option if it doesn't correspond to the selected payment option: Payment in one or more instalments.
  • FIXING SOURCE In the SQL SERVER versions, there was a very specific case in which the calculation of consumed hours for the contracts with payment option "Payment in one or more instalments (contracted hours)", was wrong.
  • FIXING SOURCE The enquiries importation process from Access didn't maintain the enquiry's provider selected.
  • FIXING SOURCE The "Contracts by payment option" statistic, which previously only considered the payment option "Regular payment" and grouped the result of other options in a single entry. Now, it brokes down by all options.
  • FIXING SOURCE If an instalment plan different from "Single" is selected in a sale, it was not considered when generating a bill.
  • FIXING SOURCE The Gmail email account configuration provided by the program by default cannot be used in computers with W8 or equivalent, so it has benn changed to be accepted by W7 and higher operative systems.
  • FIXING SOURCE In the "Profitability" statistic,to calculate expenses, the selected date option was not considered, it was always defined by "Value date". Now, if the option "About the bill issuance date" is selected, the starting date of the expense, and not the value date, will be considered.