We want to thank all our aGora users that contribute the launch of new versions and program compilations with their inestimable suggestions.

Through the release notes you will view some novelties added to the updates and new versions of the program. These novelties expand aGora constantly, providing it of improved stability, new functionalities, solved errors, etc.

aGora Release Notes

Release notes 4.58.740

  • NEW FEATURE New field Non-invoiceable in the bills to indicate that the bill mustn't enter in the invoicing process. It is stablished by an automation located in the section Accounts > Batch processes > Bills > Enable/Disable non-invoiceable bills.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new field URL in group and session to allow the centre to save the URL of the virtual session if exists.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: Details of invoices by means of incoming payment. . A list of details of invoices collected will be shown. There can be invoices not completed, with the selected mean of incoming payment.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: Details of invoices by means of incoming payment of bank/cash register. A list of invoices collected will be shown. There can be not completed invoices, with the selected means of incoming payment linked to banks o cash registers.
  • NEW FEATURE New query: Totals of invoicing with incoming payments group by means of incoming payments . It will show a list of invoices with their corresponding amounts of incoming payments group by their means of payments. That's why the same invoice can be in more than one linea if it was collected in different timings and using different means of payment.
  • NEW FEATURE New user permission in aGora: Not to limit the view of economic records . If the permission is disabled, everywhere where economic information is shown, only the last 365 days will be shown from the current date. Bills, incoming payments, instalments, expenses, payments, expenses instalments, invoices, invoices details, contracts, sales, pre-enrolments, invoices details, contracts details, sales details and expenses details.
  • NEW FEATURE Added 3 new states of permission: only read and new registers , only read and modifications and only read and cancellations. Added only for the following ites of permission: Bills, Incoming payments, Expenses, Payments, Contracts and Pre-enrollments.
  • NEW FEATURE New automation Delete invoices in batch
  • NEW FEATURE New automation Change bills amounts. Only the amounts of those bills non invoiced, those different from the type 'Contract expenses' or the ones that only have linked an only bill description.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new option in the complete planning and in the planning by classroom to be able to select only the current groups between concrete dates selected by the user.
  • NEW FEATURE Some processes in which there is a multiple choice with a simple window of boxes, have been modified to make it easier to locate and select the registers to be introduced in the automation.
  • NEW FEATURE The field group code has been added to make it visible in the same group edition window.
  • NEW FEATURE Added fields of course, group and product/service to be linked optionally in the actions. These fields have been also added in the lists and queries of actions.
  • NEW FEATURE Added field Student type in the students queries.
  • NEW FEATURE Added course, course type and course category in the query of expected profitability of groups.
  • NEW FEATURE Added new option in the control panel, in the Connect option “Use the name of session in the aGora.connect calendars view”. It will be possible to stablish as visible in the aGora.connect calendars the name of the aGora session instead of the current composition shown: Subject name / Teacher's name / Classroom name.
  • NEW FEATURE Añadido campo descriptivo de comercial asignado en las plantillas de mail de solicitudes de información, para que se pueda insertar y combinar en los envíos de e-mail.
  • NEW FEATURE In the bill queries which are shown in a regular list window (and not in a query window) it is possible to send an email with the query records, that is, it is possible to create an email template combining the data obtained in the query and not with the customers table.
  • NEW FEATURE Added bill edit buttons in the queries "Direct debit bills", "Non direct debit bills", "Pending bills", "Pending direct debit bills", "Pending non direct debit bills".
  • NEW FEATURE Added the invoice number in the incoming payments queries which didn't include it.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved error that occurred when sending an email with combined fields from enquiries. Some characters such as accents were changed by others.
  • FIXING SOURCE Corrected error in the query Academic > Queries > Teachers > Teacher's planned program.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug in the incoming payments cancellation process that didn't add the ledger account in the linked bank/cash register accounting transaction.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug in the query Products purchases details.
  • FIXING SOURCE When sending the attendance reports in batch via email, it wasn't indicated the total of attendances/teaching hours in the document, and it is solved now.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when sending emails if the Subject included quotation marks.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved error when selecting a teacher editing a class, the predefined amount or percentage of the teacher's file didn't appear.
  • FIXING SOURCE Now, when creating a mannually completed bill, if it's linked to a group, taxes or surcharges of that group will be added by default. Same will happen in the sales bills.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug in the statistics Incomes (bills) , Expected profits and Direct debit/ non direct debit bills, which made some mistakes when calculating data between dates.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved error when creating proportional bills at the end of the period: no proportion was generated. It only affects the payment options Periodic payment and Periodic payment (hours period).
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved error when generating invoices in batch grouping by bills of the same customer. In case the customer had bills from different invoicing series, those were added in the same invoice. Now, they won't be added.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved error when reactivating contracts with the payment option Payment in one or more installments (contracted hours), that reactivated all the items of the group in the contract and some errors occurred by it. Now, only the las item is reactivated.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved error if it wasn't activated in the control pannel the option Generate bills by contract. If within a contract including different groups, a bill of only one group was generated, all the groups in the included groups list were disappeared, except for the one of which the bill was created.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved error that included too much decimals intarnally in the bills that occurred in some concrete calculations.