We want to thank all our aGora users that contribute the launch of new versions and program compilations with their inestimable suggestions.

Through the release notes you will view some novelties added to the updates and new versions of the program. These novelties expand aGora constantly, providing it of improved stability, new functionalities, solved errors, etc.

aGora Release Notes

Release notes 4.47.630

  • IMPORTANT New mean of payment type added: Regular payment (period hours). Allows to pay for the hours to be taught within two determined dates. To work normally, this mean of payment needs the contract linked groups to have defined their corresponding sessions with timetables. It uses the mean of payment type 'Periodic payment', but using the hour import instead of the period price. The program calculates how many hours will be taught during this period and generates the bill according to the number of hours and the import per hour.
  • NEW FEATURE Option added in the Panel Control toto allow the addition of the quantity of sold product and the unit price in the generation of products/services sales bills.
  • NEW FEATURE Added possibility of sending SMS including combined data from the queries 'Contracts-students data', 'Contracts academic information', 'Students, customers, groups and contracts data'.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when deleting a rectifying invoice. Now, it changes the related rectifying invoice state.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when pressing the addition button 'Areas of interest' from enquiries.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug that made it impossible to launch the query 'Conctracts-students data'
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug that made it impossible to send attached files with the email templates of new items in Moodle.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug when deleting a contract record linked to aGora.connect.
  • FIXING SOURCE Solved bug occurred sometimes that prevented updating the MailChimp state 'unsubscribe' in aGora.